Natalie Strout – Assistant Teacher

My name is Natalie. I am working as a float assistant teacher at Fitkids Childcare. I have always loved working with kids and have been providing childcare since I was 13 years old for infants and school-aged children. My desire to work with kids grew drastically when my little cousin was born in 2019. I have played a huge role in his life and have cared for him since he was two months old. I believe that we, as adults, are responsible for facing those challenges that are thrown at the little ones around us. It is my mission to protect the children around me and ensure that they are cared for in a structured, safe, fun, loving, and educational environment. Growing up and feeling the world around you can be very difficult for kiddos. I cherish any moment I get to spend with children to validate their feelings about what is happening around them.