Older Toddler

The older toddler classrooms are for children 24 to 36 months. The focus of these classrooms is to provide toddlers with plenty of opportunities to develop a positive sense of identity, while building self-esteem and confidence, as they play and explore in a safe, clean environment.

Our classrooms have plenty of space, offering areas for sleeping, playing, eating, and changing diapers. Play stations are organized by areas of interest, with consideration for the older toddler’s ever-increasing sense of independence, and their expanding skill sets. Secure areas, both inside and out, provide opportunities for challenging active play that is developmentally appropriate for older toddlers.

Interesting materials are provided for older toddlers so they use their senses to explore— and curriculum is designed to stretch the children’s competencies. Our child-size furniture is sturdy and safe, allowing for more independence. Books are carefully chosen to represent a wide variety of cultures. We follow developmentally appropriate practice, based on each child’s age and stage of development – encompassing physical, social/emotional, cognitive, and language development. Our relationships with families are based on respect, communication, and openness.

Age Group : 24M – 36M
Classrooms Moose, Porcupines