Lisa Bozogan – Director

In 1985, I started working at a community preschool in Putney, Vermont. Soon it became clear that I was destined to work with and advocate for, children and their families.

I have a bachelor of science degree in Business Administration, a master’s degree in Early Childhood Education, and a doctoral degree in Educational Leadership. Initially, I entered the field on a lark – I was young, and the center was close to my home. After being there a few months, I was told I had a gift with children, and my work became a passion. Studying our great early childhood theorists (Ainsworth, Vygotsky, Dewey, Singer, Montessori, to name a few), who have provided a framework for thinking about human growth and learning, and researching current educational practices and policies, led me to understand the importance of early learning, and gave me the tools to provide excellence in educating young children, and the expertise to work on behalf of children and their families.

My husband, Dan, and I live in a 320 square foot home in Wilmot, NH. We have three grown children, one cat, and four chickens. I enjoy hiking, cross country skiing, cooking/baking, reading, word games, 1000-piece puzzles, and so much more!