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All learning styles, ages, and developmental areas have been considered in the design and creation of our unique nature playground to support all children.

FitKids Wild adds a new approach to our nature-based curriculum. FitKids Wild is our Outdoor Classroom, which we use to move our ordinary teaching from beyond the walls of the classroom into our natural environment. FitKids Wild presents an opportunity for children to learn about all aspects of nature, including but not limited to, plants, wildlife, and a level of respect for the environment. While also allowing them to learn the same competencies that they would be learning inside the classroom.

FitKids is in Centerra Parkway, which gives us unique access to all of the natural areas around the businesses. Children are given the opportunity to take group walks around the area to explore many natural settings, including open fields, ponds, and the woods.

Author Richard Louv termed the concept of “Nature Deficit Disorder” in his book Last Child in the Woods. FitKids Childcare has a desire to help children become comfortable and engaged in our natural environment and has created a playground that encourages children to interact with our outdoor surroundings.

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Swim lessons are being offered for FitKids ages 3 and up. Swimming is taught by a certified RVC Swim Coach – and the lessons provide the right mix of fun and new challenges; allowing your child to learn and/or improve their swimming stroke.

Tennis lessons are offered to FitKids children who are ages three and up. Taught by RVC Tennis Professionals, the clinics will allow your child to learn and discover the game of Tennis or continue progress they’ve made over the last year.