Health & Safety Protocols

FitKids follows guidance from the CDC and American Pediatrics Association, keeping in accordance with NH Department of Health in order to maintain a safe and healthy environment for all students and staff. This applies for all health issues, including those Covid-related. Health and safety policies are in compliance with the NH State Department of Licensing. Please contact us with any specific questions.

Current FitKids Sick Policy

Air Exchange System at FitKids – when stale air is completely removed from a part of the building, and replaced with fresh air from the outside. This number tells you how long it takes to fully exchange the air in each classroom. e.g.: All of the air in each classroom is completely replaced every 30 minutes.

  • All FitKids classrooms – every 30 minutes
  • FitKids staff break room – every 40 minutes
  • CrossFit Box (climbing wall is located here) – every 23 minutes
  • RVC Tennis – every 60 minutes
  • RVC Pools – every 24 minutes
  • Salon, Spa, Barber – every 9 minutes

Electrostatic Cleaning – Twice a week, the entire FitKids building is sprayed with an electrostatic disinfectant system.

Nightly Cleaning – Additionally, each night our cleaning crew cleans the entire building, wipes surfaces, vacuums, etc.